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One-Hub platform for blockchain integration into your own business.
Use blockchain for your daily operations, customer engagements, marketing, and more!

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Showcasing ‘NTUSHARE’ NFTs

How It Works

As a company, with BizBloc you can:

As a company, with BizBloc you can:

Increase Consumer Base

Generate, Mint, Distribute NFT with ease and no gas fee on open-market to reach wider customers

Earn Extra Revenue

Always get a cut of profit whenever your NFT is resold in the marketplace

Accelerate Innovation

Receive consultation & technical support to implement innovation with ease

As a NFT Holder, with BizBloc you can:

As a NFT Holder, with BizBloc you can:

Claim Your Benefits

Easily redeem exclusive promotions, events, and benefits attached to your NFTs using BizBloc’s Scanner App

Build your unique Brand NFTs

Collect different brand NFTs across different franchises and build your own personal collections of NFTs unique to yourself!

Use More To Earn More

The more products and services you use, the more limited edition NFTs you get. Sell well-sought brand NFTs on open market to earn a side income

Getting Started Is easy

1. Design With BizBloc

Work with us to design suitable solutions using NFT as the essential technology to achieve your company goals in innovative ways

2. Generate NFTs with ease

Use our CRM portal to create your NFT collections. Your gas-fee is covered 100% by BizBloc as you enjoy our services wholeheartedly

3. Launch NFTs to the market

BizBloc assists you in launching and showcasing your solutions, providing you with statistics to monitor and improve constantly

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